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The team at KKrepresentations is headed by Mr.Kamlesh. K .Karia, a travel professional having more than two decades of experience in various sectors of the industry, with a specialty in handling Domestic and International Tour Operations. During his previous roles at several known companies, Mr. Kamlesh developed and fostered a strong network of travel agents and tour operators across India, and has extremely close relation with all of them. His extensive travel history to countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Middle East has only resulted in the enhancement of his working techniques which involves the best of work cultures from firms around the world and sets new levels of a quality customer service.

Using his expertise and PR skills, Mr. Kamlesh has carried out several effective and “successful” marketing campaigns for Hospitality organizations such as The Rawi warin resort and spa,(Krabi-Thailand) SevenStar Restaurants,(Pattaya-Thailand) Silver-link leisure Management(Dubai) and Shivasheesh forest Camp to name a few.

With the sea of knowledge & expertise in marketing coupled with an endless list of business contacts, KKreprersentations is well equipped to promote your Hotel/Resort most effectively, in numerous INDIAN cities where you have vested business interest, as your representative.

We at KKrepresentation are extremely keen to serve my Indian business contacts/partners on behalf of your esteemed organization as “Country-Representative” on the terms that may be mutually agreed upon.

A message from Mr. Karia

“Sir, if we are provided an opportunity to work with your esteemed organization, I promise that we shall discharge our duties to your utmost satisfaction with sincere and earnest efforts”.

With Warm regards,
(Kamlesh K Karia)